Jarrah outdoor furniture

made in 2022 uses the same
manufacturing techniques
as we did in 1982

why do we use the same manufacturing techniques in 2022 as we did in 1982

As you can imagine since 1982 we have seen it all, every possible method to manufacture outdoor furniture.

In 1982 all manufacturers made outdoor tables, chairs and benches the same.

There were of course different shapes but the method to make them were basically the same eg.

Sometime in the early 1990's two of the largest manufacturers in West Australia changed their design:

They both tried to make a Jarrah outdoor chair using the same manufacturing techniques used to make a dining room chair.

They used a butt joint using a dowel and glue as they wanted to create a curved looking chair similar to a dining room chair.

But there were and still are today major faults with this design for an outdoor chair.

think about this

When you sit on a dining room chair you will not lean back and rock on the two back legs.

The opposite applies to an outdoor chair some people do rock on the two back legs.

what is the design fault

If you rock on the two back legs on a chair constructed using a butt joint and dowel it will break and basically cannot be repaired.

If a person rocks back on a chair made using a lap joint and a bolt (the method we have always used since 1982) all that may eventually happen is a bolt or bolts may loosen.

To fix the chair all you have to do is tighten the bolt's nut.

you may not care

Some people don't care as they prefer to have a curved looking chair and don't care if it breaks in a short period of time, that is fine its their money they are wasting.

Whereas King of Jarrah want their clients to purchase a comfortable chair that will withstand many years of use in the outdoor environment.

side of the Warrick chairside of the Warrick chair

Since our first sale in 1982 until today August 12, 2022 we have countless numbers of satisfied purchases who have bought Jarrah outdoor furniture from us.

we can honestly say

Since 1982, when we sold our first Jarrah outdoor setting, we have never had a warranty claim.

we don't know any other
company who can state the above fact

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this is how our Jarrah outdoor furniture is constructed

We know of no other company in Western Australia that's been manufacturing Jarrah outdoor furniture longer than us.

Our first sale was in 1982 and we are still manufacturing today August 12, 2022.

all Jarrah outdoor furniture is
hand made

Rigidly constructed frames secured together with gold passovated bolts and screws.

We use similar methods artisans used centuries ago to make tables and chairs meaning your Jarrah outdoor furniture will last for countless years.


Each table leg is double bolted to the table frame using gold passovated bolts.

this stops side to side movement

45 degree double bracing under the table top.

this stops end to end movement

The table tops are screwed from underneath the table with gold passovated screws.

the above ensures each table is

underneath of Jarrah tableunderneath of Jarrah table showing each leg double bolted to the table top, double braced and the numerous screws usedshowing each leg double bolted to the table top, double braced and the numerous screws used

chairs and benches

Are ergonomically designed, the perfect sitting angle and are comfortable without cushions.

Unlike other manufacturers both chairs and benches will withstand the rough treatment all outdoor chairs and benches have to endure.


Due to the traditional method we use to construct our outdoor chairs and benches.

underneath of Warrick chairunderneath of the Warrick chair showing the numerous bolts used and double braced to stop movementshowing the numerous bolts used and double braced to stop movement
side of the Warrick chairside of the Warrick chair

Each piece of timber used to construct all Jarrah outdoor furniture is sanded, by hand, on all four sides including the ends and pencil round edges, making all surfaces smooth to touch ready to apply your preferred finish.

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