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Since our first sale in 1982 until today August 12, 2022 we have countless numbers of satisfied purchases who have bought Jarrah outdoor furniture and other timber products from us, King of Jarrah.

we can honestly say

we have

had a warranty claim

We don't know any other company operating an outdoor manufacturing company as long as we have (since 1982) can state the above fact.

We would like to give a life time guarantee but as our products are used outdoors we don't know the environment it's kept in, if its maintained therefore we have to be realistic with the guarantee we give our purchasers.

All Jarrah outdoor furniture manufactured by us, King of Jarrah is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase against faulty workmanship for the original purchaser.

If sold to a third party our guarantee is null and void for the new owner. This includes if sold within the first 24 months.


The original purchasers receipt or a copy of must be provided before any repairs are carried out, this is to prove original ownership.

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excluded from this warranty

An order picked up by a courier.

If the purchaser appoints a courier to pick up their order we, the manufacturer, are not responsible for any damage caused to any part of the Jarrah table or free chairs (if the purchaser wants chairs) by the courier once the purchaser's order is placed on the courier's vehicle.

Once the purchaser's order is placed on the transporting vehicle outside our factory and during transporting them to the purchaser's address the purchaser is responsible for the cost of any damage caused, for example:

order picked up by the purchaser

The above also applies if the purchaser picks up their order we, the manufacturer, are not responsible for any damage during transit to the purchaser's home once placed on the purchaser's vehicle outside our factory.

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warranty repairs

We reserve the right to modify or change the wording of this guarantee without notice at any time. Last updated May 12, 1998.

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