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Jarrah is only grown in a small area in the south west of Western Australia.

98% of the Jarrah outdoor furniture we sell by wholesale to resellers in the eastern states since 1982.

Due to the length of time we have been manufacturing Jarrah outdoor furniture (first sale in 1982) we know approximately from one year to the next the approximate number of settings we will sell based on the previous 3 - 5 years of actual sales.

As we cannot wait to receive orders due to the time it takes to order the Jarrah then manufacture the quantity of settings we estimated we will sell we manufacture parts from the first week of February to end of July.

Manly Jarrah tableManly Jarrah table 1190mm diameter1190mm diameter

July to end of August we receive orders from businesses in the eastern states, we pack then send the orders.

Some years we receive orders up to the end of September, if we have stock left we pack and send.

If we do not receive late orders or we have not sold what we estimated we offer the remaining stock to anyone in Perth at the same wholesale price our eastern states resellers pay.

you maybe thinking

How can we sell a single setting at the same price resellers pay to order large quantities.


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manufacturer direct special offer

If you live in Perth or can pick up your order from our factory in Kelmscott WA choose a table, depending on the table we will give you, if you want them, 4 or 6 Jarrah chairs free of charge until we have no current stock left.

why are we offering FREE chairs with each table

When we cut components, depending on the table we cut one table and four chairs in increments of 100 sets eg. 100 tables and 400 chairs.

Since 2012 our sales started to change, we were selling more individual tables (no chairs or bench seats).

This trend continued and still does this year 2022 most of our sales are Jarrah tables (no chairs or bench seats).


It may have something to do with the glass table tops breaking on the aluminium settings since about 2010.

There are probably countless numbers of people with chairs but no table.

Each year since 2015 we have changed the number of chair components we cut compared to tables, for example increments of 100 tables and 200 chairs or similar.

Over the years we have accumulated a lot of chair components, this is why we are giving free chairs (if the purchaser wants them) with every table purchased.

The above offer is only for sales in Perth, WA plus the order must be picked up from our factory in Kelmscott WA by the purchaser or the purchaser's courier. Note: we cannot arrange delivery.

From 2019 until this year, 2022 we have only cut table components (no chair components).

2022 will be the last year we cut components for chairs.

2023 onwards Jarrah outdoor furniture, King of Jarrah will only make and sell by wholesale Jarrah tables but if we do have chair components left we will only offer them to West Australian purchasers.

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